Universal Intervention and Development Organization (UNIDO),is a South Sudanese base and non profit Christian NGO found in 2004. UNIDO is legally registered by ministry of justice republic of South Sudan under the registration number 645, as well as with Relief and rehabilitation commission (RRC) under the registration number 101. UNIDO is a member of South Sudanese National NGOs forum, and is an humanitarian and development organization which have the capacity to response to any situation, in the following programmes :

  • Health/HIV & AIDS
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Child protection
  • Gender base violence(GBV)
  • Water and sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Peace building and conflict mitigation
  • Food Security and livelihood
  • Capacity building and general empowerment in the society and within the organisation scope

Our Building Pillars

  • Investing in People.
  • Focusing on South Sudanese Communites and beyond.
  • Facilitation and Implementation of multi-sectoral projects.
  • Extension of services to a new location where needs identify and there is fund secure to response.
  • Making partnership so important with other NGOs and agencies to effectively deliver services to the intended beneficiaries.
  • Neutrality to be able to deliver equal services to the society affected by crisis ,UNIDO will never support any mission of a single party but support the community.


Better light a candle of hope than curse darkness in the community and embrace a positive change,which is acceptable, affordable and sustainable by the community.


To be a partner of choice in providing humanitarian interventions that empowers communities to be Self-reliant.


UNIDO Exist to empower Communities in south Sudan and beyond by providing humanitarian interventions in Health, Nutrition, Education, Water and sanitation, food Security, livelyhood and peace building confilct mitigation guided by Christian values and principles.